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Please note that Thistle Sports now have the ACA Grades cricket approved balls in stock.
wytbu8  Apr 11 2014 - 12:18pm   
Sunday 13th April - IOG Foundation Part A – Spring Preparation Groundsman Course
Wednesday 23rd April – Start of 2014 - Aberdeen Sports Co
wytbu8  Apr 7 2014 - 10:53pm   


A  Cults Artisans v Mannofield

QUARTER-FINALS (Sunday 27 July)

wytbu8  Apr 13 2014 - 1:10pm   

Member clubs will be aware that shortly before the Spring Meeting intimation was received that St Ronald CC had merged with Cults (incorporating Artisans) CC.

The players of the former St Ronald 2nd team have requested that they should not be covered by this merger; and following further discussion the merged club has indicated that, in the interests of harmony and not binding to itself players who are unwilling to be part of it, it is willing that such a de-merger occur; provided that it is clearly understood that the St Ronald name remains with the merged club, and that the de-merged entity assumes full legal and financial responsibilities formerly attaching to the 2nd St Ronald team.

wytbu8  Apr 12 2014 - 11:47pm   
Please see attached
wytbu8  Apr 3 2014 - 12:50pm   
Please see attached
wytbu8  Apr 1 2014 - 2:35pm   

Please find attached information relating to Aberdeen Sports Council, the Annual Sports Personality Awards, a forthcoming Sport Club Seminar and a Membership Form.

wytbu8  Mar 27 2014 - 12:20am   
Please find attached a copy of the Small Clubs Cup Draw, Rules and Contacts
wytbu8  Mar 10 2014 - 2:23am   

Help support the activities of the Aberdeenshire Cricket Association (ACA) by joining the ACA 100 Club.

There are cash prizes. The ACA 100 Club works by 100 members paying an advance annual amount of just £52 by a yearly standing order, cheque, or cash. Each member is allocated a number and a draw is made every 2 weeks.

wytbu8  Mar 7 2014 - 12:26pm   
Leadership Sports Course for anyone over 16. See attached
wytbu8  Mar 7 2014 - 12:23pm   

The Meeting was advised that, following discussion between both clubs, Cults (incorporating Artisans) and St Ronald had merged to form a single club, which would be fielding 2 teams in Grade 1 and 1 in Grade 2 for 2014.  In accordance with precedent 2nd Mannofield would be promoted from Grade 4 to Grade 3.  A representative of 2nd St Ronald stated that that team had been unaware of the proposed merger, and wished to continue as a separate entity; but was advised that this was a matter which must be sorted out within the constitution of the now-merged club, and was not a matter on which the Association had the power to intervene.

The Meeting was advised that the AGM of Cricket Scotland was scheduled for Sunday 23 March.  Contact had also been made with a potential supplier of balls, requesting a sample which could be trialled for one round of league fixtures during the season.

wytbu8  Feb 24 2014 - 10:03pm   

Cricket Scotland will be hosting the Institute of Groundsmanship Foundation courses Parts A and B in 2014, in partnership with Aberdeenshire Cricket Club and Stirling County Cricket Club.

Details of the courses are below. The costs to candidates are £50.00 for a member of a cricket club registered with Cricket Scotland on the TopClub programme / member of the IOG, and £150.00 for all other candidates. 

This year there is a fantastic chance for candidates to get first-hand experience of preparing the pitch to be used in the May Scotland V England ODI held at Mannofield (Aberdeenshire C.C.)

wytbu8  Feb 22 2014 - 3:36pm   
wytbu8  Feb 17 2014 - 11:24pm   
  • Huntly receive a Bye
  • Stoneywood Dyce receive a Bye
  • Mannofield play host to local rivals Arrowdawn Gordonians
  • Current Champions Aberdeen Cricket Association receive a Bye
  • Dundee HSFP following league reconstruction receive a Bye
  • Meigle play host to Premier Division Champions Perth Doo'cot
  • Strathmore play host to local rivals Arbroath United
  • The Priory sees First Division Rossie Priory take on the Premier Division might of Forthill

All matches are to be played by 16 June 2014

wytbu8  Feb 15 2014 - 4:36pm   

Since the Agenda for the Spring Meeting was prepared, notice has been received that, following discussions over the winter, St. Ronald CC has formally voted to merge with Cults (including Artisans) CC; and Cults to withdraw its team in Grade 3.

Subject to approval by the Cults AGM the Club will in 2014 be fielding 2 sides, Cults-Artisans and St Ronald 2 in Grade 1 [Rule 13f will therefore apply], and one team, St Ronald in Grade 2.  The Grade 3 Cults-Artisans team will be withdrawn.. Cults-Artisans and St Ronald will play at the Allan Park: 2nd St Ronald will play at King’s College.

In accordance with precedent this means that the team which finished 7th in Grade 3 in 2013 [<name>] will now replace Cults-Artisans in Grade 3 in 2014, and in the draw for the Reid Cup.  Grade 4 will revert to 7 sides, or if the Association votes to accept the late application for re-election from Stonehaven 8 sides, in each case playing each other twice, and Stonehaven, if re-elected, also assuming the vacant slot in the Johnston Cup draw.

wytbu8  Feb 14 2014 - 10:13pm   
see attached
wytbu8  Feb 11 2014 - 1:09am   

Another cold and wet day in Huntly was hardly the atmosphere for cricket, yet it was not cold enough to deter the North’s budding cricketers from Aberdeenshire, Moray and Highland Under-13s Area squads, as they all travelled to the Gordon Schools for the second Inter Area Cricket Festival.

Before the tournament began, all the teams had a chance to meet each other and the sportsmanship showed was only beaten by the hunger for a great days cricket. Neil Cameron, Cricket Scotland’s Club Development Manager and tournament organiser, explained the rules, which were similar to Kwik Cricket Pairs outside, namely batters in pairs for 2 overs, everyone bowling one over from the same end, batters changing ends at the end of an over and when a wicket is lost and the customary -5 for each wicket lost.

This event being indoors, however, meant a few additional rules; one run scored for the ball striking either side wall and the wall behind the ‘keeper, batters scored 2 runs for successfully completing a run, 4 scored for aerial shots directly onto the boundary wall (wall behind the umpire/bowler) and 6s for balls hit straight along the ground, to promote proper cricketing technique. There were also scoring gates at common gaps on a cricket field which if successfully pierced by batsman, had a double score incentive.

As with the outdoor pairs version, each wide and no-ball conceded scores two runs to the batting team who are further rewarded with a free-hit; this would prove both costly for fielding teams and a lucrative source of runs for the batting teams!

wytbu8  Feb 11 2014 - 1:05am   

Member Clubs are reminded that, as notified at the AGM, the Spring Meeting of the association will be held in the Bradman Lounge, Aberdeenshire Cricket Club on SUNDAY FEBRUARY 23rd 2014 at 3.00pm.

At the AGM of the Association held in November it was agreed that the AGM also be re-convened if necessary immediately before the Spring Meeting to vote on a proposed amendment to Association Rule 13(d), proposed to deal with the eligibility to play in the Grades of over-21 players participating in a putative second tier of the CSL structure from clubs who might have no other team playing above Grades level.
  As this second tier will not now be proceeding, the proposed amendment to Rule 13(d) will no longer be required for 2014, the existing rule continuing to apply to the two clubs, Aberdeenshire & Stoneywood-Dyce, which had teams in the CSL Eastern Premier League in 2013.  A revised, more generic rule, confirming the existing eligibility of over-21 players who have played more than 2 games to drop one but not two levels to play in the Grades in the same season, will be drafted for consideration at the 2014 AGM; along with a suggestion that, exceptionally, Rules of Competition be allowed to be amended up to the Spring Meeting where this is necessary to respond to changes external to the Association not known, or not resolved, at the time of the AGM.

As well as the normal business of the Spring Meeting, the Association will be asked to decide on the late application for re-admission to Grade 4 from 2nd Stonehaven; will be given an update on the proposals to form a Caledonian Cricket Association; and be asked to approve guidelines governing the proposed new Competitions Sub-Committee; and setting down a framework which should govern the consideration of any future offers of sponsorship for the Association.
  The issue regarding Stonehaven means that fixtures cannot be finalised until after the meeting, but will be distributed as soon as possible thereafter.

Full papers will be e-mailed to Club Secretaries and posted on the Association website in the course of the week.

wytbu8  Feb 9 2014 - 6:06pm   
Please find attached a useful leaflet that may help your club in getting much needed funds and other useful information
wytbu8  Feb 8 2014 - 3:05pm   

Audra Booth of ClubGolf Scotlland have contacted us to advise that there have a couple of spaces available on Safeguarding and Protecting Children course and is being held at the Town Hall in Inverurie on the 17th February, 6.30pm-9.30pm. The cost is £25. If interested please contact Audra on 07956 540588 or

wytbu8  Feb 8 2014 - 2:08pm   

Scotland sealed their place at the 2015 World Cup with a dramatic win over Kenya in New Zealand. Chasing 261, Scotland were in trouble at 169 for 6 before captain Peter Mommsen's 76 dragged them back into it. When he finally fell Scotland still needed 33 off 25 balls with three wickets in hand. They knew that they had to win to qualify as news had filtered through that Hong Kong's victory over Papa New Guinea had pushed them ahead of Scotland on net run-rate. Rob Taylor, in at No.8, held his nerve to strike 46 from just 37 balls to take Scotland to their first World Cup since 2007. 

While Hong Kong just missed out, UAE have taken the final space with a 36-run win over Namibia. Scotland and UAE will meet in Saturday's final. The winner of the match will be put in Group A with England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Afghanistan. The loser will join South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe and Ireland in Group B.

Our boys celebrate

wytbu8  Jan 30 2014 - 2:30pm   

Applications are invited for entry to the 2014 Small Clubs Cup.  This competition is open to all non-league clubs and clubs in leagues other than:-

CSL Eastern Premiership

East of Scotland League (Championship and Division 1)

Strathmore and Perthshire Union (Championship and First Division)

West Cricket League (Division 1 and 2)

Western District Cricket Union (Premiership).

Clubs wishing to enter should apply on the attached form which must be returned by Monday 17th February 2014 at the latest.

In response to feedback from clubs, the draw will not be regionalised but will, from Round 1, be Scotland wide.

wytbu8  Jan 30 2014 - 2:03am   

We are organising a fun Inter Company Indoor Cricket Tape-ball Tournament (7 a side) at Shell Woodbank, Aberdeen on Sunday 9th February from 10.30 am to 6pm. All proceeds will be going to a local Aberdeen based Charity.

Thanks for the support you have already shown for our annual charity indoor cricket tournament which we have hosted since 2010 and raised more than £20,000 with your help for DECC (Disasters Emergency Committee)for the East Asia floods and for the drought in East Africa in 2011.

If you would like to take part in the event as a player or if you would like to contribute then let me: or know.

This year will follow in the same vein as previous tournaments with raffle prizes to be won!

Entry will be £25 per person (£175 per team) and we expect the team captains to pay up-front the entrance fee for their respective teams – again all proceeds to charity.

There are raffle tickets on sale and they are £1 per ticket, details to follow. On the day there will be a drink, crisps & chocolate bar included in the entrance fee.

wytbu8  Jan 30 2014 - 1:34am   

Please find attached the advert for the Live Active Cricket Development ‘Summer Squads’ coaching job. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone that you think may be interested in applying. Further details are available on the company website

The closing date is in two weeks’ time.

Kirsteen Ross
Perth & Kinross Cricket Development Officer, Live Active Leisure, Bell's Sports Centre, Hay Street, Perth PH1 5HS, Telephone: 01738 454641, Mobile: 07825 378004, Email:

wytbu8  Jan 29 2014 - 3:03pm   
Cricket Scotland announced that the Scotland v England match will take place at Mannofield on Friday 9th May 2013. Please see attached for details
wytbu8  Jan 22 2014 - 4:26pm   
As mentioned at the Grades AGM, we are looking for volunteers for the Sub-Committee. If you would like to help and want more details please contact either Robin Taylor 07773 037450 or Phil Gill on 07557 051956.
wytbu8  Jan 18 2014 - 2:22pm   

Please see email from Ramsay below.

If you are not the Junior Convenor/Coordinator for your club could you please advise them and, I would be obliged, if you could copy me in for future reference.

A couple of things that you might like to consider:

Early rounds are regionalised to minimise travel.
so the more of our clubs we get to enter this competition the less travelling each club has to do until the quarter final stages
(Semi-finals and final take place on the same day)

If you do not have enough under-13s/u-15s to field a team have you considered:

combining with a neighbouring club, or combining with more than one neighbouring club?

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neil Cameron
Cricket Scotland
North Club Development Manager
m: 07794 303 332
Dear Club Secretary

u18, u15 and u13 Scottish Cup 2014

Scotland will again be running a Scottish Cup for Under 18s, 15s and 13s in 2014. This competition is open to all clubs and will be run during the season with a Finals day in August.

This Cup gives your young players an opportunity to take part in a national tournament which does not end mid season.

Please find below the relevant Entry Form for the Cup.

If your Club intends to take part in this competition, it would be appreciated if you could respond by the closing date for entries. We are aware many clubs have Junior Conveners and, if this is the case with your club, please advise the relevant person.

It would be very helpful if an email address can be provided to speed up communication of information, including match results and revised draws.

We would emphasize that applications by email are preferred.

Yours sincerely

Ramsay Allan
Administration Manager
Cricket Scotland

wytbu8  Jan 13 2014 - 8:43pm   

Dear European Coach

Re: ICC European Coaches Association (Current or Previous ECB CA Member)

Please note the outlined developments around coach support and development within Europe

Within Europe there are 4700 ‘active’ coaches. In 2014 the European region is set to increase by 60,000. As an active coach you play a vital role to supporting player development and growing the game in Europe.

For 2014 ICC Europe will be re-launching the ICC European Coaches Association which is based on a individual country approach. This means that coaches become members via their own country federation. The decision to develop this country specific approach is based on the following areas:

Specific European insurance for coaches and has a worldwide protection
Countries to develop their own support programmes to support you as a coach
European Resources
Cost effective for coaches
More coaches will be able to access membership within Europe
Local and Regional interaction between coaches

wytbu8  Jan 10 2014 - 11:29pm   

The Aberdeen Sports Council Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 27th January, 2014, in the Westburn Lounge, Westburn Park, at 7.30pm.

Aberdeen Sports Council hope that your Club/Association will be represented.

wytbu8  Jan 9 2014 - 8:39pm   

You will recall that I wrote to you in November about Sport Scotland’s plans to hold a conference on Sunday 26th January for community coaches and volunteers, including officials and asked, if you were interested in attending, to Save the Date in your diary!

I am delighted to announce (see attached) that the course venue and schedule has been confirmed.

If you are interested in attending simply complete the form and return it to:

Hillhead Centre, Keith Park
Don Street, Aberdeen
AB24 1XR

The cricket promotional code is Cricket2014

Alternatively, you can e-mail it to; if you need a different version of the form to e-mail, please let me know.

wytbu8  Jan 9 2014 - 3:02pm   
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