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Grade 4

Grade Table

TeamP (*)WTLWOScrVRuns
Lost (**)
Ratio (***)
2nd Methlick430100863821539261031.46685.833
3rd AGSFPs51011273543035313750.43550.000
2nd Stonehaven Thistle5001227103282014690.07346.000
2nd Cults0000001200000--
2nd Ellon Gordon0000001200000--
2nd Kemnay-Kintore0000001200000--

(*) "Played" includes walkovers and scratches.

(**) "Wickets lost" includes those deemed to have been lost as a result of scratched games.

(***) (Runs For / Wickets Lost) / ( Runs Against / Wickets Taken).


DateFirst InningsSecond Innings
Sat 19 Aug 2nd Cults v. 2nd Stonehaven Thistle - void
 2nd Ellon Gordon v. Turriff - void
 2nd Ellon withdrawn from Grade
 2nd Methlick v. 3rd AGSFPs - void
 Waterlogged PitchWaterlogged Pitch
Sat 12 Aug 2nd Cults v. 2nd Kemnay-Kintore - void
 2nd Ellon Gordon v. 2nd Methlick - void
 2nd Stonehaven ThistleW/OTurriffScr
Sat 05 Aug Turriff [A]151for 83rd AGSFPs [H]154for 5
 D Duncan 46, I Do as 25; Q Farhan 3-17, L D'Costa 3-22L D'Costa 67no, D Russell 20no; M Balment 2-21, D Laing 2-39
 3rd AGSFPs v. 2nd Ellon Gordon - void
 2nd Kemnay-Kintore v. 2nd Stonehaven Thistle - void
 2nd Methlick v. 2nd Cults - void
Sat 29 Jul 2nd Ellon Gordon v. 2nd Stonehaven Thistle - void
 2nd Methlick v. 2nd Kemnay-Kintore - void
Sat 22 Jul 2nd Cults v. Turriff - void
 2nd Kemnay-Kintore v. 3rd AGSFPs - void
 2nd Methlick [A]201for 42nd Stonehaven Thistle [H]103for 8
 A Smith 80, S Gordon 38no;A Wilson 38, J Gouws 23; R Kennedy 3-36, B Anderson 2-11
Sat 08 Jul 3rd AGSFPsW/O2nd Stonehaven ThistleScr
 2nd Ellon Gordon v. 2nd Cults - void
 Turriff v. 2nd Kemnay-Kintore - void
Sat 01 Jul 2nd Cults v. 3rd AGSFPs - void
 Pitch WaterloggedPitch Waterlogged
 2nd Kemnay-Kintore v. 2nd Ellon Gordon - void
 Turriff [H]118for 62nd Methlick [A]120for 2
 M Soper 27, N Smith 26; M Bremenson 3-25, B Anderson 2-24R Fryer 58no, M Bremenson 38no;
Sat 24 Jun 2nd Cults v. 2nd Methlick - void
 2nd Ellon Gordon v. 3rd AGSFPs - void
 2nd Stonehaven Thistle v. 2nd Kemnay-Kintore - void
Sat 17 Jun 3rd AGSFPs [H]200for 52nd Methlick [A]202for 5
 L D'Costa 83, J Alexander 42; P Rice 3-65R Fryer 66, P Rice 47; L D'Costa 2-31
 2nd Stonehaven Thistle v. 2nd Cults - void
 Turriff v. 2nd Ellon Gordon - void
Sat 10 Jun 2nd Kemnay-Kintore v. 2nd Cults - void
 2nd Methlick v. 2nd Ellon Gordon - void
 Pitch WaterloggedPitch Waterlogged
 TurriffW/O2nd Stonehaven ThistleScr
Sat 27 May 2nd Cults v. 2nd Ellon Gordon - void
 2nd Kemnay-Kintore v. Turriff - void
 2nd Stonehaven ThistleW/O3rd AGSFPsScr
Sat 20 May 3rd AGSFPs v. 2nd Kemnay-Kintore - void
 2nd Methlick v. 2nd Stonehaven Thistle - void
 Turriff v. 2nd Cults - void
Sat 13 May 2nd Kemnay-Kintore v. 2nd Methlick - void
 2nd Stonehaven Thistle v. 2nd Ellon Gordon - void
 TurriffW/O3rd AGSFPsScr
Sat 06 May 3rd AGSFPs v. 2nd Cults - void
 2nd Ellon Gordon v. 2nd Kemnay-Kintore - void
 2nd Methlick [H]115a.o.Turriff [A]118for 7
 A Smith 36, R Fryer 23; N Balment 5-26, N Smith 4-21P Bijl 26no, M Evans 16; B Anderson 3-22, B Carr 2-25