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Turriff Cup


DateFirst InningsSecond Innings
Sat 04 Sep Knight Riders [A]37a.o.ACE Mannofield [H]39for 1
 K Palaniswamy 24; M Assiter 3-4M Hays 21no;
Sat 04 Sep Knight Riders [H]151for 7Banchory [A]117for 7
 V Annamalai 29, N Patherikadavil 25; S Hassan 6-16, J Miller 1-33S Hassan 47, C Mason 29; N Patherikadavil 3-21, M Bharali 2-14
 ACE Mannofield [H]147for 9Cults [A]68a.o.
Sun 01 Aug Ellon Gordon [A]126for 8Banchory [H]127for 1
 A. Arora 45, J. Barrett 29; J. Miller 2 for 19S. Hasan 61no, D. Itter 30, C. Mason 29no
 CultsW/OInverurie Don ValleyScr
 ACE Mannofield [H]177for 42nd Cults [A]75a.o.
 J Dickinson 66, B Surva 40; M Nadeem 2-21, S Choudry 1-11M Koslar 16, M Nadeem 10; C Martin 3-15, M Assiter 2-7, B Surva 2-8 - Postponed to Monday 30th August 5:30pm start at Mannofield - Mannofield failed to phone in the result
 Knight Riders [A]138for 8Queens Cross [H]84a.o.
 R Majeed 54; G Ritchie 3-18, K Findlay 2-20K Findlay 32, A Russell 18; S Sundararaj 2-14
Sun 30 May ACE Mannofield [A]141for 5Culter Curry Bon Accord [H]124for 7
 C Martin 98, M Hays 14; S Ahmed 2-14, T Malik 2-27B Veildsman 34, S Ahmed 28; H Niven 3-25
 2nd Cults [H]179for 7Kintore [A]101for 7
 S Hader 70, K Imran 46; S Guruwadayarahalli 4-11, A Nalam 2-22R Ghanta 21no, A Stalker 18; M Khoslar 3-18, T Singh 2-14 - St. Ronald failed to phone in the details of the Result
 Ellon GordonW/OAGSFPsScr
 AGSFP's failed to raise a team
 ASI GordoniansScrCultsW/O