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Turriff Cup


DateFirst InningsSecond Innings
Sat 15 Sep Culter Curry Bon Accord [H]153for 7Huntly [A]80a.o.
 F Awan 68, B Veldsman 36; S Shorten 3-15C Howard 24, M Tait 15; S Hussain 5-8, S Ahmed 2-13
Sat 15 Sep Huntly [A]128for 5Knight Riders [H]98for 8
 C Howard 42, D Morrison 26; S Kumaraswamy 3-24S Kumaraswamy 19, V Ramaswamy 17; S Shorten 4-16, K Gordon 2-13
Sat 08 Sep Culter Curry Bon AccordW/OACE MannofieldScr
Sat 08 Sep Stoneywood-Dyce/Queens Cross [H]114for 7Knight Riders [A]114for 6
 M Louw 36, B Grant 19no; P Malli 3-15S Nallatambi 29no, S Kumarasamy 27; A Rayner 2-34 - Knightriders win due to fall of less wickets
Sun 08 Jul Culter Curry Bon AccordW/OKintoreScr
Sun 03 Jun AGSFPs [H]74a.o.ACE Mannofield [A]78for 3
 P Macdonald 13, G Morrison 12; P West 2-10, Herd 2-16K Findlay 20, D Gamblin 17
 2nd Cults [A]160a.o.Cults [H]161for 0
 V Chatt 57no; N Roberts 3-38C Forbes 102no, H Saraswath 48no;