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July 12, 2017

Hello all, due to injuries and call offs, we are unable to raise a team for Saturday July 15th. Apologies for any inconvenience cauased. Cheers, Ronnie
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July 3, 2017

Hello all, My club Portcullis CC are short of fixtures on Saturdays 15th & the 29th July. Are there any clubs out there that wish to have a friendly on either of those dates? If you are please contact me either on here or on 07881347136 or by email Cheers, Ronnie Falconer Portcullis CC
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June 15, 2017

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June 1, 2017

Hello all, I have the following message from Magesh Devendran - skipper of Aberdeen Super Kings: "On behalf of Amit, we would like to thank everyone within our cricketing community for the support you had offered him through this tough time. Because of your contribution we raised in excess of £1200 and are grateful to your overwhelming generosity. Our sincere thanks to Ronnie Falconer from Portcullis for leading this initiative without whom we wouldnt have achieved the above. Thanks again to all. Aberdeen Super Kings CC." Can I also please pass on my heartfelt thanks to you all for the genorosity shown by our cricketing community here and beyond. This has been a fantastic effort by you all. Thank you once again for your generosity shown towards Amit. Ronnie.
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May 22, 2017

For what it's worth. The Grades rules have changed recently(and for the better IMHO) and a couple of big rules have came in this season to speed up the game. One is the 15 overs bowled per hour and the other is the introduction of the rain calculator to force positive results. The 15 overs is brought in to speed up games. The Grades feel we are maybe losing players to the game due the amount of time taken up on a Saturday to complete fixtures. Stonehaven, by declaring, in effect sped up the match. A good thing. We, Portcullis, did not bowl well enough to either: a) take more wickets or b) bowl tightly enough to enforce Stonehaven to bat their full quota of 45 overs. That is our fault, not theirs. I think it would be negative to enforce teams to bat out their full quota of 45 overs when there was really no need. I also think declarations enhance tactical awareness. I give you an example - let's say Stonehaven -second in the league - go into the last game of the season at home to AGSFP 2nds. They are 22 points behind. They need to win this match and concede no more than seven points to wwin the League. This stimulates tactical and rule awareness. My guess is that they would bowl first if they won the toss and hope to roll them. If they lose the toss and have to bat first they would surely have to strike a balance between posting a score for the loss of the fewest wickets. They would probably get to around 130-140 for no wicket (and go down in 15 run increments for every wicket lost) and declare. Also by scrapping the draw and playing result (one-day) cricket I do not think there is another league in the world that by declaring you would forfeit your remaining overs to the opposition. In short it is xx number of overs per side. How you choose to use them is entirely up to you. If the opposition miss out on points due to an early declaration then the opposition only have themselves to blame.
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Raoul's interpretation is pretty fair (I believe it was a simply a lack of awareness of the rules rather than any dark forces at work) - however the concerns raised are valid. We could have gained extra bowling points which would have had no effect on the outcome of the game but could be significant for us at the end of the season. I wouldn't argue for full bowling points being awarded - that could end up being silly (250 runs on the board with one wicket down after 40 overs wouldn't merit the bowling side many points) but a point for every over short of the 45, perhaps.
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May 21, 2017

Mr Purple, I wasn't there at the time but have heard from others that the opposition captain was surprised not to get the extra overs to bowl us out when our last batsmen walked off after 45 overs. My guess is that there are some players (some captains) who aren't aware of the rules changes. Sinclair, I'm not questioning the application of the rules, it's clear, I'm questioning whether the rules are sufficient. I'm not having a go at the other team, I don't believe for a second that their intention was to declare in order to deprive us of extra bowling points. What I'm saying is that could be the result of a declaration and it could theoretically change the final positions of teams in the league. Three seasons ago we were relegated by about 3 points. And then the team that stayed up folded. If that happens this year I'll be thinking about the four overs that we didn't get to bowl against new tail end batsmen with our opening bowlers. Is this something we should look at for next season? Would it even be possible to come up with a workable rule? I'm just asking the question.
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May 19, 2017

Rule 17 (c) is crystal clear. Declarations usually occur because the captain feels his team has enough runs, and there is nothing to be gained from batting on, which turned out to be the case here. Wickets not taken don't earn bonus bowling points. Obvs.
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That's a very interesting question, and is something I've not considered before. I'd be interested to know why the batting side decided to declare. I must admit I see no advantage to be gained except in way you've outlined.
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May 17, 2017

I was involved in a game at the weekend where the team batting first declared. Under the old rules this was fine and made sense in some situations but with the rule changes I wonder if this should be acceptable. By declaring with six wickets down the batting team prevents the bowling team from being able to get full points for bowling them out. Had they continued to 45 overs we may have got a couple more wickets. Or maybe all of them. At the end of the season those points may make the difference between staying up and relegation. What are your thoughts? Should an early declartion be allowed? Should it mean the bowling team get full points?
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May 15, 2017

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May 6, 2017

A much warmer day
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May 4, 2017

Some excellent photographs there. Keep up the good work!
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A rather chilly day...
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May 2, 2017

Hello all, As you know the sad demise of Lahore Kahari meant that there are now seven teams in Grades Three and Four. Siyapa get promoted to Grade Two and, in order of fairness this, leaves an equal number of teams in both Grades Three and Four. With one team in each Grade having a free week - this offers up the opportunity of having a friendly each week between a team from each of the lower grades (ground availability permitting). The potential friendlies available at the time of writing are: DATE GRADE THREE GRADE FOUR 06/05/2017 Stonehaven v Stonehaven 2nds 13/05/2017 Crathie v Cults 2nds 20/05/2017 Dunecht v Ellon 2nds 27/05/2017 Portcullis v Methlick 2nds 10/06/2017 ASK v AGSFP 3rds 17/06/2017 Grampian 2nds v Kemnay Kintore 2nds 24/06/2017 AGSFP 2nds v Turriff 01/07/2017 Stonehaven v Stonehaven 2nds 08/07/2017 Crathie v 2nd Methlick 22/07/2017 Dunecht v Ellon 2nds 29/07/2017 Portcullis v Cults 2nds 05/08/2017 AGSFP 2nds v Turriff 12/08/2017 ASK v AGSFP 3rds 19/08/2017 Grampian v Kemnay Kintore 2nds Please note these are hypothetical matches and, like any other friendlies, would have to be organised by the clubs themselves and subject to pitch availability. Cheers, Ronnie
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April 20, 2017

Just a quick update to you all with regards to the Crowdfunding page that has been set up for Amit Verma following his horrible accident at the Indoor net session at Sheddocksley on January 22nd. I am delighted to say that the page has already raised over £1000! A huge thanks to all of you who have contributed to date. Having spoken to Magesh of Aberdeen Super Kings, we are looking at around mid May to close the page and present the collection to Amit. If you wish to add to the collection please click on the link below: If you have not done so already, could you please circulate this email around your club members as some of them may wish to donate. A big thanks to those you who already have. Thanks again, Ronnie
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April 3, 2017

Hello all, For those of you not aware of this I will fill you in with the details. On the 22nd January at the shared Indoor Net session at Sheddocksley Sport Centre, a terrible accident occurred when Amit Verma was struck full on his left eye with a returned drive cricket ball. He was immediately taken to hospital where he received stitches for gashes as well as treatment for a fractured cheekbone. Worse was to come sadly as once the swelling on and around his eye came down, Amit was diagnosed as having permanent loss of sight in his left eye. A terrible tragedy. When I initially reported this, many of you enquired if there was to be a collection for Amit. I agreed this was an excellent idea. I put the idea to the Aberdeen Super Kings skipper, Magesh Devendran, who also agreed this was a fine gesture. With thanks for the advice of Liam Thom of Kemnay Kintore, there is now a JustGiving page that has been set up for those of you who wish to contribute to this. The link is below: Can I ask that all of you who receive this message to please circulate this around all of your club members so that those who wish to make a donation can. I will keep you informed of how much is raised and when this will be closed and the collection presented to Amit. Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and circulate this around the clubs as well as thanks on behalf of Amit to those of you who contributed. Ronnie Ronnie Falconer Secretary Portcullis Cricket Club Tel: 01224 423133 (w) 01224494415 (h) 07881347136 (m). Email:
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January 1, 1970

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