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This week's Indoor Practice Rota - 05/02/2017 & latest n

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The Lard
Cover drive
Cover drive

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:45 pm    Post subject: This week's Indoor Practice Rota - 05/02/2017 & latest n Reply with quote

Hello all,
This week’s rota for Sunday 5th February is as follows:

12:00pm till 2pm.


2:00pm till 4:00pm.

Knightriders (2 lanes)
Kemnay Kintore (2 lanes).

Following Amit’s accident on previous net session there are new procedures in place from this Sunday onwards. They are:

1). Only indoor balls are to be used for the indoor sessions from now on. As suggested earlier in my posts I have ordered 24 Paceman indoor balls that will be kept at Sheddocksley. This means there will be no excuse for the use of outdoor balls in the hall as there will be a minimum of six per net for use. They cost £53:98 and as there are nine teams participating this comes to an additional total of £6 per team for these. The additional cost will be added to all of the club’s February bills. You can also use your own indoor balls should you wish (I know some of the bowlers will want something with a seam on it!). Neil Cameron of Cricket Scotland recommended the Readers yellow A120 and Paul Gray kindly sent the attachment for the Readers catalogue should any clubs wish to use them. Sheddocksley Sports Centre I’m sure will no longer permit the use of the normal cricket balls anyway.

2). If you can please ask all of your members and participants to be vigilant and self-aware at all times. Although we are using lighter more suitable balls, accidents can still happen

3). One thing that was pointed out was that some of the last indoor participants had placed their bags at the back of the hall – right in line of a straight drive. This could add to distracting players from concentrating on the practice sessions. From here on in could you please put your bags either down the sides of the hall, in the centre of the nets in the hall or even in the cloakrooms in the lockers. A momentary lapse in concentration whilst getting a bottle of water could result in another accident. Better to get the contents of your bag with the nets to protect you.


Magesh informed me that Amit was discharged from hospital the day after (Monday) the accident happened. He had 7 stitches beneath his eye and a fractured cheek bone. The main worry is though that the impact of the ball has caused a hole in the back of the eye and his vision in that eye may be permanently impaired. I’m sure you’ll join me with your thoughts and prayers that Amit will make a full and speedy recovery.

If you have any problems with any of your bookings could you please contact me immediately. I am willing to help in any way I can. Rather than take the brunt of the cost of the lane I could offer it to someone else. Also if you still want the net but are short of participants please contact me as I can alert other players to share the net (and the cost) with you.

Finally, good luck for Sunday and stay safe.


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Chinese cut
Chinese cut

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm (just a little bit) sorry to bang on about this Ronnie. But if it is the 2oz Paceman light balls you have purchased - the same ones in the amazon link you posted - you will not have to worry about the consequences of any impact related accidents.

Because the batters will no longer require pads, gloves or even boxes with these balls. The only injuries you will need to worry about are those caused to ageing shoulders trying to impart enough pace on them for something approaching a realistic practice.

I think you will find they are only suitable for the Paceman bowling machine, for throwdowns and for batting drills. In fact, if we are truly restricted to using 2oz Paceman balls I vote we put the nets away and do fielding and batting drills. But we might as well use tennis balls as they are inherently better for these drills.

I think we also need to be careful not put ideas in the council's head that playing cricket with cricket balls is an unacceptable health and safety risk. We still need the council to mark pitches this summer in public spaces, and there may be times teams will want to place willing fielders within a few yards of the bat. Cricket is very much a minority sport this far north, so very few people will be sad to see it go.
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