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Notice of ACA Spring Meeting & ACA Management Away Day - 2017

Please find attached copies of the Rules and AGM Minutes agreed at the 2013 AGM.

Notice is hereby given that the ACA Annual Spring Meeting will be held on Sunday February 26th at Curl Aberdeen (Start time to be confirmed).





The undernoted is to update Clubs on a range of issues discussed by the Management Committee as part of its first Away Day held on Saturday January 28th 2017.  A second meeting, including a session with the Chief Executive of Cricket Scotland, will be held on Saturday February 11th.

1.         Nominations to Management Committee for 2017/8

Following agreement at the 2016 AGM [the draft Minute of which is appended] Committee was reminded of the revised structure under which the four previous Grade members would be replaced by six members, chosen by open election, serving for a three-year term, with 2 retiring but being eligible for re-election each year.  If the Association proceeded in the direction of securing charitable status then these would become the trustees of the Charity.

To facilitate business at the Spring Meeting, set for 26 February, the Committee agreed to ask that those wishing to nominate persons for election should be asked to submit these, proposed and seconded, to the Secretary by 5pm on Saturday February 25th 2017, with an election to determine those elected, and periods of initial service, to be held the following day.

For information, the Committee currently plans to meet monthly during the year on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6pm or shortly thereafter, finishing not later than 9pm.

2.         Indoor league – payment to players

The indoor league is not currently under the jurisdiction of the Association.  However the Committee was concerned to learn that players appearing in it may in some cases have been receiving cash payments related to so doing.  It wishes to remind clubs that, under Rule 11, while rewards for match performance may be in order, any other payment is cash or kind to a player directly for playing, or to facilitate playing, would – if proved – render such a player as “professional” and hence as ineligible to appear in the Grades, with consequences for any club fielding them.

3.         Umpires Fees and Expenses

Following unofficial discussions, it was reported that a provisional offer had been received from the Domestic Officials Group of Cricket Scotland to provide £500 for umpires’ expenses for the grades, subject to the umpires individually joining the East of Scotland Association of Cricket Officials [which the Management Committee would urge them to do];  ESCOA having a greater oversight of allocation and payment of umpires; and benefitting clubs  being expected to affiliate to CS [an issue to be discussed further between the Association and CS].

While re-affirming its support for working together with the emerging national officials’ structure, and the benefits this could bring, Committee noted also that the process by which this was achieved would need to be sensitive to, and take account of, the provisions in its Rules whereby the appointment of umpires locally, and the fees payable by clubs, were currently formally contracted to or negotiated with an association (AAOCO) established or recognised by the Association locally.  Further discussions would therefore need to take place ahead of the Spring Meeting, when the AAOCO would also be asked to report more fully on its activities in 2016 and the use of the levy approved on Grade 1 clubs at the 2016 Spring Meeting for sustenance of the Officials’ Association,  which [the Treasurer had been advised] had mostly been devoted to the scheme  of bonus payments for standing approved by the AAOCO to its members in supplementation of the fees paid by clubs directly, details of which had been copied to the Secretary of the Association prior to the start of the 2016 season.

4.         Fixtures for the 2017 season

Committee noted that Gordonians would not now be proceeding with a team in Grade 4; but that no notifications of other withdrawals or mergers had been received.  The Committee unanimously agreed that the Secretary should therefore proceed on the basis of the clubs and teams in membership of the Association following the AGM, town teams  playing at the grounds used in 2016 [Discussions regarding the use of Stewart Park and relocation of the lower square at Sheddocksley were ongoing.]  Some May home games for Stoneywood Grade 2 side would be able take place at Peoples Park.

The Secretary reported to the Committee on tests made to compile fixtures using a commercially-available software package, which the Association had procured.  While this had been able to generate a set of fixtures across the Grades’ 18-week cricket season, if all teams and grounds were available each week, which might provide an alternative starting point to the manual template used previously and a copy of which had been circulated to the AGM, it did not appear capable, without manual adjustment, currently of providing the 4 blank Saturdays in Grades 2 to 4 required for cup games.  Investigations and discussions with the Support Desk would however continue.

Arrangements for the Sunday programme of fixtures would be taken forward once it was known which clubs would be entering the Challenge Cup [the Small Clubs Cup had been disbanded].

5.         Other 

Arrangements would be taken forward for implementation of the Rain Calculator, public liability insurance, and possible alternative venue for the 2017 Dinner, should the Westhill Inn no longer be available [the firm was currently in administration].

The Grade Select had been drawn against Meigle in the first round of the Murgitroyd Cup.

An invitation was provisionally accepted for the Grade Select to play a mid-week fixture against a Star India touring team on May 31, 2017 at a venue to be determined.

The Committee also hoped to secure a stock of free alternative standard (Readers) balls to be trialled in Grade 1 over one specified weekend.

DM Jones

Honorary Secretary

2 February 2017.

AGMMinute2016.doc31 KB
ACARules 2017.doc249.5 KB
wytbu8  Feb 6 2017 - 1:57am   

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