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Annual Spring Meeting Documentation - 2017 - Updated 23-02-16

Please find attached all documentation for the Annual Spring Meeting.

As previously intimated, the Spring General Meeting of the Association will take place in the Seminar Room, Curl Aberdeen, on Sunday February 26th 2017 at 3:00pm. Please find attached relevant documents

Clubs are reminded that, as agreed at the 2011 AGM, Clubs are now liable to a deduction of 15 league points per team the following season if unrepresented at a Meeting without good reason, of which the Management Committee will be the sole judge

D M Jones
Honorary Secretary

agendaspring17.pdf87.08 KB
AGMMinute2016.pdf194.63 KB
ClubNos17.pdf255.01 KB
Development of ACA paper.pdf69.72 KB
FixtForm17.pdf60.68 KB
FixtList17.pdf39.28 KB
Fixtures2017.pdf183.3 KB
Grade Fees.pdf179.18 KB
UmpFees.pdf188.57 KB
FINAL2015-16STATEMENT1.xls48.5 KB
wytbu8  Feb 16 2017 - 12:39pm   

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