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Withdrawal of Lahore Karahi - 2017

Shortly before the last meeting of the Management Committee confirmation was received that Lahore Karahi, who had been absent from the last three Association meetings, would not be fielding a team in the Grades in 2017.

The Management Committee has accordingly agreed, that in accord with precedent, Siyapa, who finished third in Grade 3 should be offered promotion to Grade 2 assuming Lahore’s fixtures (including their cup draw), and they have accepted.  At this late stage however moving any side from Grade 4 to 3 would not be feasible given that of the 7 sides remaining in Grade 4, six are second or third elevens, and the other (Turriff) has constraints on the availability of its ground after the end of July.  Also, merging Grades 3 and 4 would produce a league containing two FPs’ sides, playing each other only once with a potential wide disparity in playing standard.  Grades 3 and 4 will therefore play this season with 7 sides only, each league having one free teams each Saturday, who could, if they wish – and subject to pitch availability – play each other, or offer members to the umpires’ panel.

Independently, it has emerged that Kings College will be available for only 9 of the 14 Grade 2 to 4 playing Saturdays during the season.  Certain home games involving Siyapa and Aberdeen Super Kings will accordingly need to be relocated – though on weeks when Siyapa is able to play at Kings this will facilitate Grampian being able to use the upper square at Sheddocksley, and minimise – so far as can be achieved – the use of the lower square at that venue.  Full details of the pitches allocated for matches involving all three clubs will appear on the website and in updates to the Handbook.  All changes affect Grades 2 and 3 only:  there are no changes to either fixtures or venues in Grades 1 & 4.

DM Jones
Honorary Secretary
April 2017

wytbu8  Apr 30 2017 - 9:41pm   

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