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Structure of Grades in 2018 & Subsequently - 2017

Following the withdrawal of 2nd Ellon, and previously of 2nd Gordonians and Lahore Karahi, unless additional teams apply for election or re-election, it is likely that the Association will have at best 31 teams in membership for 2018, and maybe fewer.

Under the Rules on Composition of Grades as they stand, this means that Grades 3 and 4 would in 2018 have to play as a single league, probably playing each other once only in league competition [currently that would be 12 games over 13 weeks], with one or more cup competitions.  The requirement that all clubs must meet at least once in league competition also probably could not apply under such an arrangement as impractical.

The only feasible alternative to this would appear to be if the second or third elevens currently in Grade 4 elected to continue to compete as a separate recreational/development league outside the existing league structure of promotion and relegation, but not bound by the restrictions in terms of registration and playing format applicable to teams in Grades 1 to 3.

The structure from 2019 onwards may also need discussion, including the possibility of a more flexible approach to this. Currently changes can only be implemented after a season’s notice.

Meantime, clubs are reminded that the deadline for applying for election or re-election [where teams have scratched more than one-third of scheduled league fixtures], or to withdraw a team from the Saturday leagues, is 1 November 2017.

The Committee is aware that the state of Grade 4 in 2017 has left a significant number of players with no regular programme of cricket; and is currently examining options either of liberalising registration rules such that, when players are not required by their “home” club they can guest for teams in other leagues without numerical restriction, provided they play for no more than one team in each league in any season, or of mechanisms which would facilitate players without a game for their registered club any Saturday to be assembled into one or more composite scratch sides, playing in Grade 3 or 4, whichever is the lower.

Feedback on these issues would be welcome by the Committee, which meets again on the second Monday in September, and can be forwarded to any Management Committee member, as listed in the Association Handbook.


Teams in Grade 2 to 4 are reminded that following this weekend they should be submitting their league averages, and teams in Grade 1 likewise following completion of their league programme.

Updated forms for this purpose for the current season will be available shortly for download from the Web site.  Qualifications, in terms of appearances, or wickets taken, are based on the number of fixtures defined as completed [that is actually played or scratched]. That is 18 games in Grade 1, 14 in Grade 2, 12 in Grade 3 and 10 in Grade 4, less – in each case – walkovers or games void.


The Committee has been concerned to received reports from the Umpires Association of a growing number of instances during the season of dissent or indiscipline and/or requests from clubs for independent umpires.  Two of these have led to references to the Disciplinary Committee, and players receiving suspended bans.  There have also been instances of independent umpires being treated with what amounts to discourtesy.

This is not acceptable.  Under the Laws of the Game responsibility for player conduct rests with clubs, and during matches specifically with those acting as captains on the day.  This responsibility cannot be abrogated by requesting independent umpires; whose defined role is to ensure that games are controlled within the laws, and not to act as referees of actual or anticipated bad behaviour.

By the same token where umpires submit a written report on player misbehaviour, the assumption under Law 42.18 as framed has to be that – subject to the appropriate procedural protocols having been observed - this will be accepted as a statement of fact, the prime responsibility of both clubs and the Association thereafter being primarily to ensure that the appropriate level of punitive action is applied having regard to the Cricket Scotland Code of Player Conduct.  This will be made clear in updated procedural guidelines for the Disciplinary Committee Panel, which it is hoped will be available for the AGM.

It is imperative moreover that all umpires and their decisions are treated at all times with appropriate respect and civility, whether they are independent or players acting temporarily.  The Committee considers that for player-umpires to be properly attired while umpiring may be an important symbol of this.  Where no independent umpire is available, any dispute as to the persons who will umpire should be resolved between captains alone, desirably before the toss for innings.

As a response to this season’s events the Committee is minded to introduce from 2018 mandatory captains’ meetings, and submission of captains’ reports following all matches, to be backed up if necessary to points deduction to enforce this. Proposals on this will be brought to the Annual General Meeting.

DM Jones
Hon Secretary
August 2017

wytbu8  Aug 22 2017 - 1:36pm   
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