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Season 2018 and Laws of Cricket

There has been major upgrade to the Laws and these were applied from October 2017. It is incumbent on the Club’s and especially the Captains to familiarise themselves with the Laws. These can be viewed on

When your game has an appointed umpire all Laws will apply. At player only umpired games then Law 42 and parts of other Laws will not apply. This list will be posted shortly. When players are umpiring I expect complete impartiality and use of the Laws.

At the various meetings I have attended and addressed club representatives I make no apologies for bringing up the Spirit of the Game. Sadly this has been lacking in the ACA for a number of years. All players must respect opponents, officials and their own teammates. The Captains are fully responsible for their club’s behaviour.

There will be a list of all umpires and contact details posted soon on the ACA web site.

When umpires are appointed this will also appear on the ACA web site.

Cricket is a wonderful game. Let’s get back to that in the ACA.

Ian Sutherland

wytbu8  Apr 17 2018 - 1:33pm   
Important Info

ALL Correspondence for the ACA Grades is to be directed to (note 2 ss in and NOT to Individuals on the ACA Committee.

Please Click here for Your Club Results/Player Registration/Stats etc. in CricketStat or can now be found on the Left hand side of this WEB page under Contents

Results Hotline 078607 13966
ONLY CUP MATCHES TO BE TEXTED TO THIS HOTLINE NUMBER (including Photo of Score Books or Photo emailed to All Other results must be entered into CricketStats by 8.15pm on the day of the match concerned. The Format used should be "1st team batting total with overs, top two batsman, top two bowlers, 2nd team batting total with overs, top two batsman, top two bowlers"s

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