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Grades Results for w/e 28th-29th July 2018 - Total Washout But Junior Entries Required

The rain which so abruptly, and unkindly swept in at the weekend, wiping out the entire cricket programme, was a shock to the system, especially after 11 weeks of near perfect weather, and the best in living memory for most. The break did, however, give me the opportunity to reflect on the state of the game in the area, for despite some hiccups, and there have been one or two, I believe we are enjoying a good competitive season once the thorny issue of non-fulfilment of fixtures in Grade 3 is resolved, the way will be clear to look to the future. My impression is that the will is there, and once clubs have had time to weigh up the situation over the autumn and winter, we shall have a clearer view of who is able to continue in this most competitive and friendly of structures. The matter of indiscipline, is a different matter, although again it's my view that given strong, purposeful leadership in each and every club, the problem can be eradicated. From where I sit in the cheap seats, allocated to the local press, I see good, decent and even forward thinking captains, well capable of delivering a quality game in the best interests of the game, but only if they can be convinced of the fact that it is their responsibility. Leaving it to the ACA Grades management committee is not an option. So, all in all, I am generally happy with the progress this most admirable of 134 year old organisations has made. But just in case you are thinking, I am all talk and no action, I would politely remind you that I have my own mission within the system, which is to promote the development of juniors in the game. Bearing that in mind, can I remind you that your entries for my junior of the year award are due to be with me by September 28th in order that I can process the final eight competitors who will be my guests at the ACA Annual Grades Dinner on Friday 9th November when the overall winner will be announced. All that clubs have to do is let me have their nomination, age of the candidate, and a short profile of their achievements over the season. Entries to be with me at by Friday September 28th.
By Jack Nixon

wytbu8  Jul 30 2018 - 11:28am   
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