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ACA Annual General Meeting on Sunday 2nd December at 3:00pm Papers 2018 and SCIO Developments - Account Paper Added

The 14-day deadline for circulation of AGM papers has now been reached, and a formal response from OSCR to the proposal to constitute the NE Scotland Cricket SCIO has yet to be received.
In light of this, and feedback from some member clubs that more time should be allowed for consideration of the draft SCIO operational rules, including changes to playing conditions, the interim SCIO trustees have decided that – as intimated in the President’s previous circular – the formal process for migration to the new model, be put back to what would have been the Spring Meeting of the Association at the end of February 2019.
A full presentation on the revised schedule will be given at the AGM on Sunday 2nd December 2018 at 3:00pm but principal changes of date/issues are as follows:

  • The deadline for clubs to apply for Ordinary membership of the SCIO, or of individuals to apply for Associate Membership, will be extended to Tuesday 15th January 2019.  The structure in particular of grades 2 and 3 will be reviewed, and fixtures for the new season will be compiled, in the light of SCIO membership as confirmed at that date.  Clubs who have already completed their applications for membership do not need to re-apply: their applications will be carried forward for approval once legal approval of the constitution of the SCIO has been received.
  • The consideration of operational rules for the SCIO will be deferred to the February meeting.  At that meeting Ordinary Members of the SCIO will be asked to vote for or against approving each of the items set out in the previously-circulated draft in red type, as identified in the accompanying spreadsheet.  Clubs wishing to propose non-approval or a different form of any proposed rule should submit these by Friday 8th February 2019, ensuring that any such proposals have the support of three clubs. There will be no item on Rule changes at the forthcoming AGM.
  • Completed nomination forms for election as trustees should be lodged by Friday 15th February 2019.  To be eligible, nominees must be either the named representative of their club, or must also apply for election as Associate members. The process to elect or re-elect an Association Secretary & Treasurer to serve until February will take place in the normal way at the December AGM.

Initial papers for the AGM on Sunday 2nd December are attached.
DM Jones
Honorary Secretary ACA
18th November 2018
AGMAgenda18.doc34.5 KB
Spring Minute 2018.doc34.5 KB
SECREP2018.doc33.5 KB
InverurieComplaint.doc33.5 KB
FINAL2017 18STATEMENT.pdf49.79 KB
wytbu8  Nov 19 2018 - 11:28pm   
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