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The following are the items of substance taken at the ACA Spring Meeting and inaugural NE Scotland Cricket SCIO members’ meeting held on 24th February 2019. 

A presentation was given by the Chief Executive of Cricket Scotland on current developments and future strategy.

It was announced that a collection to mark the completion of 40 years as ACA Secretary of David Jones had realised £300, the destination of which he was currently addressing.

Having consulted with Thistle Sports, and consulted the teams it Grade 1 in 2019, it was agreed to reinstate the previous higher specification of standard ball for that grade at an estimated additional cost of £3 per ball.  Existing stocks of the G2/G3 ball could be used by G1 clubs while these lasted, or re-sold by agreement to clubs in those grades.

Having investigated alternatives it was agreed that the Dinner for 2019 on November 1st remain at the current venue.  Transport from Aberdeen would be arranged if there was a demand for this. A possible speaker for the dinner was currently being investigated.

Player registration arrangements through Cricketstats would remain as in 2018.  The position regarding eligibility for players resident outside the UK in other countries of the EEA would be confirmed once an agreement was reached with the EU (or otherwise) on BREXIT.  The existing two data protection statements would be harmonised by the SCIO Board, and would be modified to allow disclosure of club contact details to ESCOA.

As the Association/SCIO would have only 26 playing teams in 2019, and was bound to an extent by previous rules, and the guidance given to Grade 2 clubs following the merger of Kemnay-Kintore with Academy, it had been decided that the structure of grades for 2019 would have to be 10:10:6.  Grade 3 would have 3 rounds of league games, with round 1 of the Reid Cup being on a round robin basis in 2 groups of 3, followed by a cross-over semi-final.  This guaranteed each side a  programme of 17 fixtures, and 18 for those clubs qualifying for the cup semi-final.  The high risk of this if any of the 6 teams failed to field a team  regularly was recognised, and the SCIO Board would be seeking to give notice before the season commenced whether, if the number of clubs remained unchanged, whether it favoured migrating to a 10:8:8 structure for 2020, with 3 down and 1 up between Grades 2 and 3, and cups reverting to Saturday, but with round 1 possibly being on a league cup basis, guaranteeing each team a minimum of 17 Saturday games [14 league and 3 cup] prior to the semi-final stage. Further consultation would take place on this. Fixtures would be added to cricketstats in due course.

Material previously included in the Association Handbook would be published as a downloadable pdf on the Web, which would be re-designed.  Changes in club contacts and entries for the Turriff and P and J Cups should be confirmed by 31 March.

The clubs voted unanimously that the title, assets and liabilities of the ACA, along with any outstanding disciplinary sanctions or proceedings be transferred to the NE Scotland Cricket SCIO.  A closing financial statement would be posted on the Association website within 21 days.

The Constitution and OSCR Letter of Award for the new SCIO were formally received.  A list of the current Ordinary and Associate members as at 23 February would be posted on the ACA Website.

Following a formal ballot the following were elected as trustees of the SCIO: Martin Auld, Paul Gray, David Jones, Tanweer Khan, M Tauqueer Malik, Ian Stephen, Nathan Thangaraj, Chris Watson, Ben Webb, Andy Win.  This left one vacancy, which could be filled by co-option.

At a subsequent meeting of the Trustees, the following office-bearers and sub-group convenerships were approved:

Chair – Martin Auld

Vice-Chair and Disciplinary Convener – Andy Win

Secretary and Development Group Convener – Paul Gray

Competitions Committee Convener – Ben Webb

Fund-raising & Communications Convener – Chris Watson

The group conveners would seek members for their groups via the web and personal contact.

Following discussion and a paper ballot, operational rules, including a number of amendments, were approved.  The final version would be published on the Web. With regard to Rule 22.0 it was noted that a change would be made to captains reports within Cricketstats to clarify if an issue being reported required reference to the Disciplinary Committee.  This would be automatic, rather than a reviewer decision if the relevant box were ticked

SCIO fees and umpires’ fees would remain at the 2018 level.

Steven Murphy outlined Who's the Umpire, the new portal introduced by ESCOA. The SCIO would work to ensure this and cricketstats were aligned to avoid duplication.

Ian Stephen was unanimously re-appointed as the SCIO’s representative on the Board of Cricket Scotland.

Jack Nixon asked for increased input to press reports.  He also asked how the SCIO wished to be identified for media purposes.  The interim secretary indicated that the competition, fixtures and results would continue to appear under the strapline “ACA Grades”.

The next scheduled members’ meeting of the SCIO  would be the AGM in mid-March 2020.

Following completion of the formal business, the following cup draws were made:

Bon Accord Cup

A  2nd Knight Riders v  Banchory

B  Fraserburgh v Methlick

C  Stonehaven v 2nd AGSFPs

D  Grampian v Siyapa

E  Aberdeen Super Kings v A

F  B v  Academy Kemnay-Kintore


G E v D

H F v C


Reid Cup

Group A  -   Dunecht, 2nd Gordonians, Portcullis

Group B  -   Crathie, 2nd Grampian, 2nd Methlick

Winner Group A v Runner Up Group B

Winner Group B v Runner Up Group A 

chris  Mar 17 2019 - 10:03pm   
Important Info

ALL Correspondence for the ACA Grades is to be directed to (note 2 ss in and NOT to Individuals on the ACA Committee.

Please Click here for Your Club Results/Player Registration/Stats etc. in CricketStat or can now be found on the Left hand side of this WEB page under Contents

Results Hotline 078607 13966
ONLY CUP MATCHES TO BE TEXTED TO THIS HOTLINE NUMBER (including Photo of Score Books or Photo emailed to All Other results must be entered into CricketStats by 8.15pm on the day of the match concerned. The Format used should be "1st team batting total with overs, top two batsman, top two bowlers, 2nd team batting total with overs, top two batsman, top two bowlers"s

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