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Time for a Change in the Grades Schedule! by Jack Nixon

If ever there was a case for Grades cricket make a later start to its season, it was this weekend past when players from all three leagues were brutalised by the weather, making for a thoroughly unpleasant day for players, umpires, scorers, and any spectators who might have contemplated coming out to watch.
Even if the season were start in mid - May, and finish in mid - September it would avoid some of the excesses of the worst of the early spring.
Playing in September is not an issue, given it is one of the calmer months of the year, a proven fact even in this neck of the woods.
I certainly don’t believe we are likely to attract newcomers, particularly youngsters to the game in the conditions which prevailed.
I urge all of you who care about the game to address this issue, now before next season’s schedules are drawn up.
chris  May 5 2019 - 6:25pm   
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