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Despite the Weather Some Cracking Games by Jack Nixon

Notwithstanding, the appalling weather in the North - east, there were some quality games, even season defining ones, so early in the programme.
Aberdeen Grammar have certainly hit the ground running with both their teams living up to Rob Sweirgon’s promise of playing much more aggressive cricket.
Okay, Bon Accord, the reigning champions in Grade 1 have yet to bowl a ball in anger, but even they must recognise the flying, purposeful start the Rubislaw sides have made, especially with Karan Anand hitting the straps so early in the season with his unbeaten 129, making Alec Keith appear like Geoffrey Boycott in the Grammar line up!
But there again with the minimum of fuss, Knight Riders have entered the stocks, putting an early spoke in the well oiled Inverurie machine, even though Trevor Norval hit a polished 70 at Groats Road.
I suggested this would be my game of the weekend and so it proved to, if my sources are to be believed, confirming my belief that the Knight Riders are ready to land a big one, given their studied application to the game.
Sadly, only two games went ahead in the top league, although it was different matter in Grade 2 where there was a full house of highly competitive, low scoring games, making for some breathtaking finishes, not least in nail biter at the Burnett Park where Banchory failed by one run to hunt down the Methlick total of 91. A game I am told was a credit to both sides and played in the best traditions of the sport.
Certainly Sean Hicks with a splendid 49 for the home side and that grand old man of the Burnett Park, Tim Wilkinson did not deserve to be on the losing side, but that is rub of the green, and neither was complaining after the game.
Elsewhere Siyapa with their back to back wins might just be the main threat to 2nd Grammar, which is not to write off any others in this ultra competitive league.
In Grade 3, there was only one game, and a call off, which I hope will not be a recurring feature for the sake of healthy competition.
Dunecht had a thumping win against Gordonians who in fact do well to put out a team in this division, especially as they have a huge commitment to the NE Championship and Grade 1. It is to be hoped they will not be discouraged by this set back.
All in all, a good weekend, despite the dreadful weather. You really are hardy chiels.
chris  May 6 2019 - 6:41pm   
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