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Council's long term aim - No Cricket in Duthie Park

Aberdeen City Council reiterated that they remain committed to the removal of sports from public parks as a long-term aim, but that cricket would continue to be played in Duthie Park for "the foreseeable future" as their current strategy is focussed "almost entirely on football" and that funding simply does not yet exist to replace the minimum 7 squares.

David Jones' notes from the meeting are shown below;

Attendance was sparse - Harvey, myself, Doug Cruickshank, and John Mackenzie (Secretary of the Evening League) from the user side: Caroline Walker and Bill Thomson from the Council.  My personal recollection of the discussions we had is as  follows:-

It was confirmed that, despite earlier indications, Duthie Park would be available on June 10th, and two squares (one new: one old) would be available at Sheddocksley from 3 June.  This would enable all matches, including cup ties and the Sevens, to proceed as per the fixture list circulated at the Spring Meeting.  Hopes were expressed that communication would be better and speedier in future.

It was agreed that, with DP4 having been de-commissioned, the southern boundary line on DP2 should be re-marked to align with the southern rather than the northern edge of the bandstand.

It was agreed that steps would be taken to re-activate the black refuse sack service at the Duthie Park.

It was noted that, despite previous remedial work, DP3 still has something of a dip between the two ends; and that further levelling was planned during future off-seasons.

Links 4, despite its appearance, appeared to be playing well; though there were ongoing problems with the state of the shelter, and there had been some recent attempts at vandalism - fortunately not on the heart of the square itself.  Options for providing some form of temporary changing accommodation were discussed, but no conclusion reached as to anything that would be vandal-proof.

Due to the scratching of Stoneywood-Dyce, the new square at Sheddocksley had not yet been used for Grade fixtures; but had for two evening league games - with reports that it was still "spongy" - it was accepted however that this might be because rolling still had to take full effect.

There appeared to be some confusion over the charges at Sheddocksley.  Caroline agreed to e-mail myself and the Evening Leagues with the full tarriff for this season, which was unchanged from 2005.

Currently charges for cricket were the same as for other outdoor field sports and were around the lower quartile of charges made in Scotland generally (which were not necessarily easy to compare, given the different level of facilities available).  It remained the intention that cricket should move to having its own rate, irrespective of whether this remained the same or increased.

It was thought that, following re-structuring, the same basis of charging, by the match rather than the hour, should now apply to education authority (eg Harlaw) grounds as to former Leisure & Recreation Grounds, unless janitorial support made an objective difference.  Caroline to check and report back.

Although the Council remained committed to the removal of sports from public parks as a long-term aim, the current pitch strategy was focussed almost entirely on football.  It was hoped to set up a cricket sub-group of the Pitch Strategy team, which the Association would be invited to join; but any re-location would in practice have to depend on it securing a funding package from external sources such as Sport Scotland, as well as the identification of appropriate sites.  The existing provision of a minimum of 7 squares - 3 at DP, 2 at Links, 2 at Sheddocksley - would therefore continue for the foreseeable future.  The possible non-availability of Rubislaw for season 2007 was noted as a potential complicating factor.

The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday August 31st 2006, 7pm at the Westburn Tennis Centre.  This is without prejudice to any other issues being dealt with as they arise.


MrPurple  May 19 2006 - 2:17pm   
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